Self Hypnosis

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Self hypnosis is an effective tool for making positive changes in your mindset as well as your lifestyle. Self hypnosis is a trance-like state of mind in which you can use the technique of auto suggestion. These suggestions will have a greater impact on your psyche and can even be used to help you focus on career goals, self improvement and even to get rid of bad habits like excessive smoking or drinking.

Free self hypnosis guides are easily available from books, magazines, journals or from online sources. In fact there are number of self hypnosis audio CDs available on the internet. You can make use of them to practice some really effective self hypnosis techniques. Hypnosis is safe and there are no side effects involved in this procedure.

Free self hypnosis techniques can help you save thousands of dollars. For instance people spend thousands of dollars on weight loss products. But sometimes they are unable to get the desired result. This is because of the fact that such people make use of all the weight loss products yet their mind still yearns for food. Therefore, they will not get the desired result. In turn, self hypnosis will definitely help in reducing weight as it can change your mindset and help you deal with your weight problems more effectively.  Others use it for various forms of erotic fetishes such as feminization or sissification.
Free self hypnosis techniques:

1) Before starting self hypnosis, determine what you really want to accomplish. Once you set the goals, then you can specify the goals in a hypnotic state. Then find a comfortable place in your home. The room must be peaceful and free from any other disturbance. Early morning is the best time for practicing self hypnosis. However you can also practice in some other time if morning sessions are not your thing.

2) Find a point where you can focus, and focus on this point until you feel sleepy. When your eyes are feeling heavy, close your them. Count up to ten and then count in reverse order. Imagine that you are going up in a staircase to a peaceful place. Once you get into the trance state of mind, start giving auto suggestions to your inner mind. Your suggestions should be in simple and comprehensible words. There should be no confusion. Self hypnosis will provide more benefits for positive suggestions. Hence, do not focus on negative aspects.

3) Take some time to recover from a hypnosis state. Continue practicing self hypnosis techniques so that your mind will practice reaching your goals. Self hypnosis is a successful therapy which requires little effort only. So take your time and practice as many times as possible. This will surely help in achieving your goals.

Free and low-cost self hypnosis programs are available through the internet. There are various self hypnosis CDs to improve self confidence, improve your life, reduce weight, quit smoking, improve conversation and so on. You can anything in your life with the help of self hypnosis techniques.

The only condition for getting success is that you must be clear and specific about your goals. Any misleading or confusing suggestions will lead to a negative mindset. Also remember not to practice self hypnosis techniques while driving or doing some other complicated tasks. Since self hypnosis requires full attention, you should allot a regular time slot for practicing this.

Weight Loss Hypnosis


Weightloss hypnosis is a revolutionary technique that can increase your self confidence and help you bear weight loss in a positive manner. Obesity is a serious yet sensitive issue. It is not at all easy to lose weight. Weight reduction programs are of course good options that can sometimes prove to be effective. However, these weight loss regimes are very frustrating and difficult to follow. Therefore, weight loss hypnosis can prove to be very helpful as it is an effortless way to lose excess weight.

Weight loss hypnosis not only helps you stay focused on your weightloss goals but also helps you develop healthy eating habits. Hypnosis has proven techniques for that can help you attain a very fit body. However, this process will not give you instant feedback. It will take some time to take total effect on your body.

Hypnosis is not a mysterious thing. It is just an effective way to use the power of your subconscious mind to achieve your desired goals. You can be free of your mind of food cravings by practicing weight loss hypnosis techniques. This is simple and safe. There are lots of weight reduction programs available in the net. You can make use of any of them without even having to leave your home.

Weight loss hypnosis helps you to avoid over eating and helps you keep away from junk foods. You can stop emotional eating, binge eating and boredom eating with the help of hypnosis techniques. There are some people who will eat more when face any emotional problems. Hypnosis helps such people to make out the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger. This in turn will help them to eat less and to control their emotional hunger.

Binge eating is yet another hurdle in the way of weight reduction. It is difficult to stop bingeing in any other method. Binge eating will surely cause weight gain. However, hypnosis will help you stop binge eating by motivating you in the right way. Controlling the habit of binge eating will definitely help you lose weight.

Weight loss hypnosis helps you to control the habit of comfort eating. Comfort foods like bread, cookies and cakes are rich in carbohydrates and fats and this in turn will increase the weight. Overcoming comfort eating is not an easy process. But hypnosis makes this possible by turning your subconscious mind towards the positive effects of quitting comfort eating.

Weight loss really means that you are starting a healthy life style. If you lose your excess weight through hypnosis, then you start eating healthy food in order to maintain a healthy weight. You can practice weight loss hypnosis by yourself or you can download the weight loss hypnosis MP3 from This is an easy but effective way of reducing over weight. You can simply relax yourself and can hear the audio records. This will help you to get a slim figure.

Though there are numerous weight reduction programs available in the market, hypnosis is the best method for this. It will provide 100% success without having to undergo any kind of frustration. It will help you to get over food addiction to lead a healthy life. It will motivate you to eat healthy food only and also help you lose weight in a proper way.

Conversational Hypnosis


Conversational hypnosis is a technique of inducing hypnosis among people with the help of normal but directed conversation. There is a difference between conventional hypnotism and conversational hypnosis. In conventional hypnotism, the hypnotist and patient are engaged in informal interactions.

In spite of this difference, conversational hypnosis is also influential and it can be used to efficiently deal with certain upsets and complicated conditions in the life of a person. This technique is also known to enhance the power of communication.

The initiative behind conversational hypnosis is communication. In this technique, the hypnotist gives confidence to the client to achieve a condition of altered awareness regarding the problem or condition of discussion. A hypnotist tries hard to ask questions or make speeches that force the client to rethink his situation or the problem. Thus, a hypnotist allows substitute situations or thoughts to cure the condition.

It is better if the hypnotists identify with the customers by listening and understanding their conditions while starting a conversational hypnosis session. For example, when a client is striving to come out of a fear of crowds, the hypnotist also should have the same opinion with the client when he expresses his feelings of fear, anxiety and sense of loneliness. He must establish a relationship with the client and should truly show that he is aware of the condition and sees it without a doubt as the client does.

Distraction is the next process of conversational hypnosis. During this process, the hypnotist goes on to divert the mind and feelings of the client by asking questions that drive the mind onto other objectives. The questions are theoretical and a little unbelievable but they challenge the concept of living without hordes of people. The objective behind asking such questions is only to get the client’s mind out of his problem and to create conditions that will help him to come out of that condition. By doing this, other thoughts and solutions can come into the center.

Proposition is the third step of conversational hypnosis. Hypnotists use this process to help the client deal with his or her condition. However, this process is possible only when the client considers other thoughts regarding his problem. A hypnotist can end his conversational hypnosis session with the crowd fearing clients by advising them to be more sociable with people, for instance. On the contrary, he should explain what might happen if the client completely stops his contact with people.

During conversational hypnosis, a hypnotist needs to encourage the trance of the client. In this process, a hypnotist uses the specific language to get the client in a satisfactory condition of the mind. This process is same like a spellbinding trance.

The eyes of the client should be open and he should be full alert during the process. Thus, conversational hypnosis is about helping people come to a definite conclusion and making optimistic decisions, which are based on what he can imagine.